The Evangelical Retreat

The monastic sisters of Bethlehem offer an “Evangelical Retreat”

Come and See

Each year an "evangelical retreat" is offered in summer in one of our monasteries. This retreat of discernment of a call to consecrated life takes place in silence and by participating in the daily life of the community. It is open to young women aged 18 to 40 of all nations and all languages. Each participant is accompanied on her unique journey by one or two sisters.

Twice a day, the monastic community that welcomes them and the young people meet in the church to sing the liturgy which celebrates the Mysteries of the Most Holy Trinity and of Christ exposed during daily catecheses. These are listened to by everyone in their own language. Audiovisual “biblical pilgrimages” illustrate and complete this teaching.
Eucharistic Adoration, prayer workshops and lectio Divina times are also offered as well as some fraternal meetings and participation in manual work.

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In 2018 this retreat took place at the Monts Voirons monastery in Boëge,
In 2019 at the Camporeggiano monastery in Italy,
and in 2020 it took place at the Poligny monastery, in the forest of Fontainebleau.

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“The Lord is good,
for everlasting is his Love”