The time from the Angelus in the evening (19h15 / 7:15 P.M.) until the office of Matins (6h45 / 6:45 A.M.), is a time of vigil reserved exclusively to the presence of God. The hours of sleep and of solitary prayer can vary according to the strength and freedom of each monk and monastic sister in the Holy Spirit. Most go to bed early and rise very early in order to pray and to nourish themselves during long hours with the Word of God.

Monks and monastic sisters work in their hermitages, in solitary workshops of the monastery, or in the places of hospitality.

Each monk and monastic sister receives a cell of solitude where he/she prays, studies the Word of God, works, eats and sleeps. Like the fathers of the desert, they know that the one who has God as a companion is never less alone than when he is alone.