The first oratory is set up in a poor stable which evokes the cave where the Son of God becomes a small child. There, following the Virgin Mary, the sisters adore Jesus present in the Eucharist. Therefore the emerging community receives the name of BETHLEHEM.

The second name of this monastic Family, “THE ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN”, is given by the particular circumstances of its foundation during the promulgation of the Dogma on November 1, 1950 in Saint Peter's Square in Rome. Following the example of the Virgin Mary who is gradually drawn to her Son in the Glory of Love of the Father, the monks and monastic sisters want, according to the humble condition of mankind, to live by fulfilling the Father's Will day after day on earth as it is in heaven. Their responsibility as a Church is to anticipate in the present time, with the Virgin Mary, this life of contemplation of the Most Holy Trinity.

This vocation is rooted in the tradition of the "lauras" of the first monks of the Eastern deserts, such as SAINT BRUNO of Cologne received it in the 11th century in the West. From the Church, we receive his spiritual paternity, while being different and distinct and canonically independent from the Carthusian Order.