The Monastic Family of Bethlehem Cell of Listening

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In order to improve the welcome of and to better hear those who have been wounded by members of the monastic Family of Bethlehem and to take into account the complaints according to the requirements of truth and justice, the Permanent Council of the monastic sisters is implementing an independent “cell of listening”.
This cell is composed of two psychologist experts in these matters, a Benedictine father abbot emeritus, a Benedictine monastic sister, a retired magistrate judge and a lawyer also trained in canon law. This “cell of listening” functions in total independency from the Monastic Family of Bethlehem, and exchanges with the cell are confidential.

The “cell of listening” can be reached at:

In agreement with the concerned persons, a Commission composed of the “cell of listening” and two sisters who are not members of the community’s governance body is charged with studying the testimonies received, recommending to the Permanent Council the follow-up in order to render justice to the victims, and issuing recommendations for the pursuit of the council’s reform efforts.

In a press release of January 2021, sister Emmanuel, the Prioress General, declared “The establishment of the “cell of listening” and of the Commission answers our deep desire to do the work of justice and reparation for the persons who have been wounded in the heart of our Family. Our commitment to this path is total; our last Council of prioresses marked an important step in this path and we are determined to go to the end.”

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